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A Parking Guidance System (PGS) is a system in a car park that helps drivers to find parking quicker and easier with no stress. A PGS system usually includes an ultrasonic vehicle detector per parking bay, LED indicator (Green/Red), Digital Signage at each level entrance to display the number of parking available. A new Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS) uses cameras to detect vehicles and also read their number plates. A VPGS system can add several advanced features such as each parking bay can be pre-booked for a vehicle number plate or in a large car park, sometimes drivers forgot where their parking, the system can search the number plate and show the position of their parking.

Parking Guidance System (PGS)

Becas supplies two versions of PGS system: Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector and Camera Vehicle Detector. 

The ultrasonic sensor can only detect vehicles moving in and out of the parking bay while Camera Vehicle Detector can detect vehicles and read the number plate of vehicles. 

A Linux central server is used to control all the sensors, light indicators, and digital signages for the whole car park.

Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS)

VPGS system is an Ethernet network of all camera sensors connected to a central management server. 

The camera sensor is an IP LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera that has a built-in LPR engine. The camera sensor can detect and read the number plate of vehicles parking or leaving the parking bay.

VPGS system can support a pay-by-plate feature like you can pre-book your favorite parking bay in a special event or in the residential building car park, each parking bay owned by a resident.

For density cities like Sydney, London, Hongkong, New York, people are willing to pay $300,000 to own a parking spot. VPGS system can help manage the valuable parking spots effectively with LPR camera technology. The plate number of illegal parking vehicles will be shown up in the parking spot owner phone app.

Integrated Vehicle Detector and Indicator (Red/Green)

PGS can be deployed in many car park applications such as airports, clubs, casinos, hotels, resorts, shopping centers, residential and commercial buildings.

The Vehicle Detector (Off-Street Car Park), and Smart Parking Sensor (On-street Car Park) can be installed in restricted parking bays as Disable, Loading Zone, School Zone, or in Club/Casino VIP parking bays.

Car Park operators can be alert whenever the restricted parking bays are taken or become available.

Find my Parking Spot

In a large car park sometimes drivers forgot where their park. With the help of the VPGS system and Becas Parking Phone App, drivers can be notified location of the parking spot accurately.

VPGS system can also improve the security of a car park overall with storage of hundreds of camera pictures frames of license plates recorded.

VPGS can monitor restricted parking spots and alert any illegal parking. 

VPGS can also help new trends of BOPIS shopping (Buy Online Pick Up In-Store). Most of the big retailers like Amazon, Bunning Warehouse, Harvey Norman now have BOPIS options available. VPGS can monitor the reserved parking spots and alert warehouse staff to deliver orders to customer vehicles.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage displays the number of parking available at car park main entrances and at each car park level, which helps drivers find parking quicker and easier.

The number of parking bays available at each level of the car park is controlled by the centre management server.

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