Restaurant POS And Coaster Pager
LPR Car Park Management System
On-Street Smart Parking

The complete POS, PAGING for Hospitality and Access Control for Car Park Management

Restaurant POS and Coaster Pager

BECAS POS is a powerful point of sales system designed for the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cafes, fast food chain and more. It is suitable for any business size with the products ranging from a single stand alone workstation to a full network of many workstations, handheld orderings, printers, kitchen display systems and electronic variable message signs.

Guest calling paging system is simple, affordable and a perfect solution for restaurants, food courts, coffee shops and bars. When guests are free to roam, they can enjoy a beverage at the bar or browse your gift shop. Treat your patrons to a drink and a distraction and they’ll forget they were even waiting when you alert them that their table is ready.

Integrated Smart Parking Solution

On-Street Smart Parking

One of the most valuable assets of any city is its parking spaces. Becas designs and develops a new state-of-the-art solution for an On-Street parking management solution. The new technology utilizes wireless magnetic vehicle sensors, IoT cloud technology, and Smart Phone Apps. Becas Smart Parking solution helps reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions as reduce time drivers circle around to find parking, foster economic development, improve urban mobility, and increase parking revenue. Drivers can find parking and pay to park with Becas Phone App. Drivers only pay the exact amount for their parking time, the remaining payment will be credited back to the driver account. For Smart City urban planning, when a number of electrical vehicles (EV) on the road continues to rise. Integrating the parking bay available along with the EV charging station in a real-time map will bring an enormous relief for drivers. Councils can also generate more revenues for the parking bay with an integrated EV charging station.

BeSmart Loyalty Gaming Paging System

Get patron calls straight to your smart watches, smart phones and tablets

Scalable System

The BeSmart Paging System is the first paging system that supports both traditional alphanumeric pagers and WLAN handheld smart devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet) pagers

Engaging Staff

Built on top of the latest iOS and Android technologies, BeSmart client devices delivers a whole new concept of paging systems, which are tailored to best suit your staff. This will improve engagement and promote staff productivity like never before.

Super fast messages

By using Wifi to transmit data instead of traditional transmitters, messages can be sent in a quick flash. This helps you serve more customers at a time.

Increase Efficiency

WIFI Pagers deliver more information to staff than ever before. It can display the complete list of waiting calls on it's screen, allowing staff to serve multiple calls at once, compared to alphanumeric pagers that only allow staff to serve one call at a time. A customer of Becas, one of the leading clubs, has managed to reduce their drink call response time from over three minutes to just over one minute since the installation of the BeSmart Wifi Paging solution.

One Device for All your communication needs (Voice and Text Message)

Price of iPhone 4S/5S dropped significantly nowadays, the phones become cost effective WIFI pager solution to incorporate to BeSmart Messenger System or BeSmart Gaming Paging System.

The iPhone 5S Becas Paging App designed to suit a variety of enterprises and vertical market applications, including retail, logistics, medical, club and security. It offers a powerful combination of voice and text with mobility and durability to suit all portable telephony and critical messaging needs.

Gaming Paging Technology Keeps Patron Playing


No More Missed Calls

Guests spend more time on machines instead of looking for your staff.

IP Nurse Call Paging System

Becas design sophisticated IP Nurse Call System (NCPS) for Hospital, Health Care and Aged Care facilities. NCPS system is able to integrate up to hundreds of bed call buttons from a single building or multiple buildings and send the calls to wide range of health care staff (nurses, doctors) pagers, IP phones, DECT phones, tablets, etc. Becas NCPS system provides communication platform between patients and health care workers in a managed manner. The critical messages will be delivered to the right person at the right time.


Service Station Unattended OPT
(Outdoor Cashless Payment Terminal)

Becas design sophisticated OPT terminal for unattended fuel dispensing payment system. The OPT terminal accept Tap and Go credit card payment (with Nayax EftPOS Pinpad) and help to increase fuel sales.
Becas OPT terminal is able to integrate to wide range of fuel dispensers (Gilbarco, Email, Tatsuno), Enabler Forecourt Controller and Becas POS system.

The Unattended OPT terminal is best suit for rural service station or service station operating at night time. 

OPT helps to increase sales and reduce cost as no staff needed.


LPR Car Park Management System

BeParking – Complete Smart Parking Solution: Off-Street Smart Car Park Management System using ALPR (Auto License Plate Recognition) Technology and On-Street Smart Parking System using IoT Technology