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In recent years, Australia farmer is experienced many challenges like climate change (drought, flood) and labour shortage. The Covid border lockdown had made labour shortage more serious. The impact of the challenges is so great and many farmers gave up their farm land and joined non-farm works. There is real need to embrace new technologies like smart agriculture (IoT and Drone) in farming management. The use of drones in farming works like fertilization, seeding and pesticides is the answer for the challenges and become more popular. Becas is launching new smart agriculture solution that utilizes IoT, smart farming sensor and drones in farming management.

Remote monitor and control Irrigation System

Irrigating inland crops while sitting on the beach probably sounds too good to be true, but it’s the way of the future farming. The new technology utilizes Lora (Long Range, Low Power) smart sensors, IoT cloud technology and the farmer phone app. The farmer can receive alert message like soil moisture and can turn on the pump of irrigation system by phone app. The new BeFarm system helps reduce costs such as labour, water usages, electricity and increase yields.

Smart Drone Spraying in Farming Pesticides

Crop diseases and insect pests are major agricultural problems worldwide, because the severity and extent of their occurrence causes significant crop losses. Becas agriculture drone carries a camera and pesticide container onboard. The camera sends the picture frame to cloud server and farmer can monitor real time video stream on mobile phone while the drone spraying pesticides to the crop land. There are wide range of drones to choose ranging from 16L to 52L pesticide container.

Drone in Live Stock Management

Soil Moisture Smart Sensor

Fuel Tank Level Remote Monitoring

Air Quality Monitor System

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