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BeSmart Alarm Notification System (ANS) is an alarm messaging system that dispatches time-critical messages based on activation triggered by events. BeSmart ANS can apply to many industries and scenarios like hospital nurse calls, smoke alarms in building management systems (BMS), mechanical/electrical machine failure in manufacturing, and full waste tanks in factories. The BeSmart ANS  can deliver alerts in a wide range of mobile receivers like UHF Pagers, Phone Apps, SMS, DECT phones, and Email. BeSmart ANS can be used as both an on-site and off-site notification system. On-site Alert Notification devices include pagers, Public Announcement (PA) systems, Horns, Flashing Strobes, Speakers. Off-site Alert Notification devices include SMS and Email. When interfaced with Fire Control Panel, BeSmart ANS immediately notifies the designated fire marshals exactly where the fire alarm has been activated. They then have a short time (agreed with the local Fire Service) in which to establish the validity of the alarm, prior to it reaching the “Call Out “ status. That prevents unnecessary evacuations due to false alarms.


Alarm Voice Dialer/SMS/IoT Notification

The GSM Alarm Module is a simple and instant alarm messages dispatch solution that can send alert messages to any mobile phone of authorized personnel. GSM Alarm legacy system that uses integrated SIM card of 3G/4G Cellular network to send alarm messages. This alarm solution hits a drawback of the short life cycle, it depends on the life cycle of the 3G/4G Cellular network.

Becas launching a new model of GSM Alarm Notification System that deployed IoT cloud technology. The alarm messages are still sent to a phone but with a Phone App instead of an SMS.

The GSM Alarm module integrates up to 8 dry contact inputs which can be connected to motion sensors, smoke sensors, waste bin full sensors, engine temperature sensors (marine yacht, ship), factory conveyor breakdown sensors, etc.

SCADA Industrial Alarm System

The BeSmart Alarm Paging System (BAPS) can interface to any SCADA system using OPC (OLE) protocol or any customized protocol through Serial or TCP/IP protocol. When Alarm Inputs from the SCADA system are activated (from the temperature of a process control reaching its set point, a closed contact relay), SCADA Alarm Module will send an alert to the BAPS Server. BAPS Server will then send the pre-programmed alert message to designated UHF pagers, Phone Apps, SMS, Email, etc.
BAPS server can interface to major SCADA systems as WinCC, Citect, Wonderware, etc.


BAPS system engine has a sophisticated algorithm to follow up all alert messages until the alarm condition is fixed or attended.

On-site Alarm Paging System

On-site Alarm Paging System (APS) dispatch alert messages to on-site staff with radio UHF pagers (clip pagers and watch pagers), DECT phones.

The APS system is widely used in many applications particularly in health care centers, hospitals, schools, etc.

The early alert messages sent to authorized personnel sometimes can save lives, such as smoke alarms in large buildings. On-site staff can extinguish a fire before it can spread out to a larger area.

Becas Alarm Paging System can send alert messages to a large building or multiple buildings in the same complex.

Environmental Monitoring with Lora Sensors

  • Becas provides Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) that utilizes Lora sensors and IoT technology. Lora sensor is a wireless long-range (up to 20 KM) with a long last battery (up to 10 years) that can operate in rural remote areas in harsh conditions without a power line and internet data network around.

Becas provides a wide range of Lora sensors for many applications such as:

CO2/Temperature/Humidity Sensor,

PM2.5/Temperature/Humidity Sensor,


Pressure/Wind Speed /Wind Direction,

Water Leak Detection and Location

Liquid Level Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor For Low-Temperature Environment

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Activity Detection

Air Pressure and Temperature Sensor

Tilt Angle and Surface Temperature

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